Our Mission seeks to build Native American Communities in North and South Carolina in the tradition of St. Andrew and the Byzantine Rite.

Providing Healing

Working to build counter addiction programs through Native philosophy and Catholic Theology

Building Families

Keeping the Sacred Scriptures and Tradition at the center of our preaching to improve family life.

Building Strong Disciples

Providing Quality Religious Education for Adults and Youth.


Where missionaries get transformed to be God’s hands and feet.

Dancing is Prayer

To many people the understanding of Indigenous traditions are a mystery. In some contexts, they have been misunderstood, in others they have been ignored as pagan, or devil worship. Yet, both of these would be wrong in concerns to today’s native expression. The native peoples of the Americans (North, Central and South) all have manyContinue reading “Dancing is Prayer”

Palm Sunday Reflection

We’re back with our Palm Sunday Reflection. Thank you all for those who watched last week’s! Please leave us feedback on apologetic topics you have questions about. We would be very happy to answer them!

Fifth Sunday of Great Lent Reflection

For those just now joining us! We are doing weekly reflections on the Gospel readings each Sunday. General Minister Adam Cook will be leading our reflections for our community. Thank you so much for your continued support!