The God who Didn’t Care

That title sounds scandalous… that’s what you might think if you were to read that title outside of the context of today’s reading. In the Epistle today, St. James urges us to show no partiality. Why should we do this? Primarily because God shows no partiality. For our Lord, it does not matter if aContinue reading “The God who Didn’t Care”

Support our Seminarian Program

Dear Brothers and Sisters of Jesus Christ, I implore you today to ask the question of if seminarians, and their priestly discernment, are important to you in your everyday life and your spiritual life? With married men having the availability to become priests, it is even more important to discern your call in helping menContinue reading “Support our Seminarian Program”

Beauty: The true measurement of Truth

Truth, Beauty and Goodness are three philosophical principles which stand as the greatest measuring tool to understanding. In times past, philosophers , and even scientists, have tried to define these three in different ways, yet nothing can quite explain their phenomenon but by their own internal unity. Beauty is seen in that which is Good,Continue reading “Beauty: The true measurement of Truth”