2021 Annual Appeal

  • This fundraiser is for a Tax Exempt 501(c)3 Organization under the IRS determination. 

    Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

    Glory to Jesus Christ! It is with great joy that I announce the start of our Annual Appeal for the 2021 year.  This past year has been of great challenge due to the Coronavirus that has devastated our society over the period of the past 10 months. 

    Yet, it has also caused much disruption in the native communities that we serve and are serving. In some of these communities, we have seen people lose their electricity due to unemployment, lack of access to food and water due to hurricane activities over the period of the past 6 months and much more. We have seen poverty spikes up to 35% of native populations and unemployment rates hit over 20%. 

    Brothers and sisters, it is in this time of need that I write to you and urge you to consider supporting our operations amongst these native communities. We are seeking to raise $50,000 to cover the cost of our general operating costs. Your monetary support goes to bring the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, as it has been handed on for almost 2000 years to these people, while also seeking to provide support for many of our ministries.  Some of the things that this goes to support is much of our missionary training and formation, catechisms, bibles  and other religious formation materials. It also goes to purchasing those things needed for services that are conducted in the mission territories including compensation for our mission priest and costs of bringing humanitarian aid in from Atlanta to the various mission locations. 

    In addition to this general appeal we have also launched two other initiatives. The first is apart of our feed the hungry program that seeks to provide food to the 200+ homeless in North Carolina. We are trying to raise $10,000 to help launch this program. This programming consists of providing a food pantry for the local homeless community, sponsoring a homeless feeding program every friday night and helping to provide tents and other items that they may need to get out of the elements. 

    Secondly, we are launching our major Power for the Poor campaign that will build a electrical power grid and 20+ buildings in Pembroke North Carolina to help alleviate the housing crisis in the region. We will also be providing basic handyman services to those who are in need at no cost. This program is seeking to raise $11.654M over the period of the next 4 years. 

    Friends,  it is with much urgency and love that I implore you to aid us in this activity for the praise and glory of our Savior Jesus Christ, that his will might be done, that we may bring others to the truth of the Catholic Faith! All those who are interested in learning more may email us at contact@carolinaindians.org, or visit our website at carolinaindians.org.  We implore you to share this fundraiser with others, that together we may glorify Jesus Christ  and the building up of His Kingdom. 

    In Christ, 

    Mr. Adam Cook, O.P
    General Minister
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    $2,506 of $50,000 Funded 5% of Goal
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