Support a Married Seminarian Program

The Support a Married Seminarian Program is a not for profit initiative that seeks to help married seminarians of the Eastern Catholic Churches to freely answer the call that God has placed on their lives.

This initiative is an initiative that seeks to provide funding and financial support for married seminarians. Since most of the Eparchies of the Eastern Catholic Churches are small, most men for Priestly, or Deaconate formation, are required to pay their own way through seminary to become a Priest, or Deacon. Single men will find this challenging, but many married men find this impossible. To help aid in this process, Adam Cook has started an initiative to help those who are in need. The requirements set forth by these persons to be considered is to promise to pray for all the benefactors that helped them get through and to try to help raise awareness of our program.


  1. All parties must have the approval of their Bishop and have been formally invited to the Seminary formation program.
  2. Seminarians must raise money and awareness of our programs to support each other.


  1. Seminarians will be given a stipend each month based off what they can do and their financial situation.
  2. Stipends will include enough to pay the monthly debt of the individual.
  3. Should the individual discern out of the seminary program, they will be removed from the list of eligible recipients.
  4. The program will try to provide each seminarian a Rassa and Exorassa if applicable, along with a prayer rope so that he may pray according to the Rule of Pachomius.

If you are interested in helping out with a donation, or would like to be considered as a candidate, please email Adam Cook at for more information.

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